Provides methods to control and refresh the navigator and main frame.

The GlideNavigation methods are accessed using the g_navigation global


open #

Redirects to another URL. : URL to be loaded. It can be any URL
supported by the browser : is the target frame. If left blank, the URL
will load in the current frame, 'edit_form_design');;

openPopup #

Open a popup window with features : The url to open : The name of the
new window : is a comma separated list of features. See : True to
append sysparm_stack=no to the url. This prevents weirdness when using
the form back button the instance of newly opened Window |

openRecord #

Redirects to a record


refreshNavigator #

Refresh the navigator contents


reloadWindow #

Reload the current frame

if (window.g_form)

getURL #

//Type appropriate comment here, and begin script below
if (g_navigation.getURL().indexOf("sysparm_close_on_success=true") > -1) {
var form = g_form.getFormElement();