Variable Attributes


A list of all the variable attributes that could be found here on the docs.


Value: true/false\ Target Variable: List collector\ Changes the list collector interface from slushbucket to glide list.


Value: true/false\ Target Variable: Lookup select box,Select box\ If set to true, allows you to search and select the required value for the variable.


Value: true/false Target Variable: Single-line text,Wide single-line text\ Sets the maximum character length. For example, if max_length=200, the maximum value for max_length is 4000.


Value: days/hours/minutes/seconds\ Target Variable: Duration Sets the maximum unit of time for the duration.


Value: true/false\ Target Variable: List Collector\ Hides the filter fields that appear above a list collector.


Value: field;field\ Target Variable: Reference\ Specifies the columns whose display values appear in an auto completion list in addition to the name. Separate column names with a semi-colon.


Value: field\ Target Variable: Reference\ Specifies the column that is used to sort the auto completion list.


Value: JavaScript class name\ Target Variable: Reference\ Specifies the name of a JavaScript class (client-side) that creates the list for auto completion choices.

  • AJAXReferenceCompleter
  • AJAXTableCompleter
  • AJAXReferenceChoice


Value: field;field\ Target Variable: Lookup multiple choice,Lookup select box,List Collector A list of fields to be sent back to the server to get an updated reference. Attribute behavior is specific to the service catalog desktop. Probably doesnt work on service portal.