Originally from earlduque/ServiceNow-Developer-Training. Thanks Earl!

What is an Update Set? #

Update sets take all the changes you did and puts them together. It records all of the work you have done on a scrum task or story. Your work won't be moved to Test if it's not in an Update Set!

Create an Update Set #

:warning: Always do work in dev. Only start in dev!! :warning:

1. Click on the cogwheel on the upper-right corner of your home page #


2. Turn on all switches except the last one #


3. Go to update sets in the navigator. Choose Local Update Sets --> new #


4. Name of your update set should be: IET related record (usually a story number), short description (story name) #

5. Submit and make current #

:warning: Additional Information :warning: #

Never change a complete update set to 'in progress'. Instead, create a completely new update set and add 2 to the original title or 3 if you have already made a second, etc. #

If you do not want this work to be moved forward, change state to ignore. Update sets cannot be deleted. #