API Name: global.MidServerDashboardUtil

var MidServerDashboardUtil;
(function() {

MidServerDashboardUtil = {
getIdForDisplay: getIdForDisplay,
getVersionStatus: getVersionStatus,
getUserStatus: getUserStatus,
hasMinimunPowerShellVersion: hasMinimunPowerShellVersion,
isMidConfigAvailable: isMidConfigAvailable,

//Get the MID Server sys_id for e.g. field styles. Only allowed for ecc_agent and ecc_agent_status.
function getIdForDisplay(gr) {
if (JSUtil.nil(gr))
return null;

switch (gr.getTableName()) {
case 'ecc_agent':
return gr.sys_id;
case 'ecc_agent_status':
return gr.agent;

return null;

//Get an object to report on MID Server/Instance version compatibility and if a MID Server is pinned
function getVersionStatus(agentId) {
var gra = new SNC.ECCAgentCache().getBySysId(agentId);
if (JSUtil.nil(gra) || !gra.isValidRecord())
return {instance_version:'', mid_version:'', compatibility:MidServerDashboardUtil.COMPAT_UNKNOWN, pinned:false, pinned_version:''};

var o = {};
o.instance_version = gs.getProperty('mid.buildstamp', null);
o.mid_version = gra.version;
o.pinned_version = getPinnedVersion(agentId);
o.pinned = (o.pinned_version != '');
o.compatibility = getCompatibility(o.instance_version, o.mid_version);

return o;

//Compatibility definitions:
// 'EQUAL': MID and Instance versions are identical
// 'COMPATIBLE': MID and Instance versions are in same release family
// 'INCOMPATIBLE': MID and Instance versions are in different release families
// 'UNKNOWN': Insufficient information to determine compatibility
function getCompatibility(instance, mid) {
var releaseRegex = /[^__]*/;
if (JSUtil.nil(instance) || JSUtil.nil(mid))
return MidServerDashboardUtil.COMPAT_UNKNOWN;
if (instance == mid)
return MidServerDashboardUtil.COMPAT_EQUAL;
if (''+instance.match(releaseRegex) == ''+mid.match(releaseRegex))
return MidServerDashboardUtil.COMPAT_COMPATIBLE;

return MidServerDashboardUtil.COMPAT_INCOMPATIBLE;

function getPinnedVersion(agentId) {
var gr = new GlideRecord('ecc_agent_config');
gr.addQuery('ecc_agent', agentId);
gr.addQuery('param_name', 'mid.pinned.version');

return gr.next() ? gr.value : '';

//Get an object to report on MID Server user state
function getUserStatus(agentId) {
var gra = new SNC.ECCAgentCache().getBySysId(agentId);
if (JSUtil.nil(gra) || !gra.isValidRecord())
return {logged_user:'', config_user:'', matches_config:false, is_missing_roles:false, missing_roles:[]};

var o = {};
o.logged_user = ''+gra.user_name;
o.config_user = getConfigUser(gra);
o.matches_config = (o.logged_user.toLowerCase() == o.config_user.toLowerCase());
o.missing_roles = getMissingRoles(gra);
o.is_missing_roles = (o.missing_roles.length > 0);

return o;

//If ecc_agent_config is populated
//Returns true if the config parameters are populated for the input MID Server
function isMidConfigAvailable(agentId) {
var grc = new GlideRecord('ecc_agent_config');
grc.addQuery('ecc_agent', agentId);
return grc.hasNext();

//Get user from ecc_agent_config
function getConfigUser(gra) {
var grc = new GlideRecord('ecc_agent_config');
grc.addQuery('ecc_agent', gra.sys_id);
grc.addQuery('param_name', 'mid.instance.username');

return grc.next() ? ''+grc.value : '';

//Determine if ecc_agent.user is missing the 'mid_server' role (does not check for any other inherited roles)
//Returns an array to allow addition of more roles over time
function getMissingRoles(gra) {
var role = 'mid_server';
var user = GlideUser.getUser(gra.user_name);
if (JSUtil.nil(user))
return [role];

return user.hasRole(role) ? [] : [role];

function hasMinimunPowerShellVersion(midOs, PSVersion) {

if (midOs != 'Windows')
return true;

if (PSVersion)
return (parseInt(PSVersion.split('.')[0]) >= MIN_POWERSHELL_VERSION) ;

return false;