API Name: global.ScopeRegister

var ScopeRegister = Class.create();
ScopeRegister.prototype = {
initialize: function() {
this.scopeApi = new GlideScopeAPI();

registerScope: function(scopeName) {
// if nil scope name or 'global' then nothing to register
if(scopeName == null || scopeName.length == 0 || scopeName == 'global')
return true;

// first check if the scope is unique to this instance
var scopeExistsInInstance = this.scopeApi.scopeExistsInInstance(scopeName);
return false;

// we are unique to instance, so now lets check if I should even attempt to register the scope
var doNotReserve = GlidePropertiesDB.get("glide.app.creator.local.scope", !GlideUtil.isProductionInstance());
if(doNotReserve == 'true')
return true;

// we got the go ahead to register
var scopeRegistered = this.scopeApi.registerScope(scopeName);
if(!scopeRegistered) {
// we are here if AppRepo was available, but it told use it could not register
// the primary reason for being here is the scope is already registered in the AppRepo
return false;
return true;

getLastErrorMessage: function() {
return this.scopeApi.getLastErrorMessage();

type: 'ScopeRegister'