Originally from earlduque/ServiceNow-Developer-Training. Thanks Earl!

Developer Mindset Standards #

  • Do debugging and research when something in your application or program is not working, and if debugging assistance is still needed, contact IET SM for help
    • Take advantage of ServiceNow's debugging tools such as User Criteria Diagnostics, Debug Security Rules, JavaScript debugger
    • Research your issue using sites like ServiceNow community forms or ServicePortal.io
  • Be wary of directly copy-pasting code found online into your programs. Read through it first and understand what you are copying
  • Try new coding ideas or concepts in Sand first, before implementing it in Dev
  • Reference good documentation
  • Do not write hundreds of lines of code in one sitting. Instead, write a few lines of code at at time, and test as you go to ensure it works as expected
  • Reference https://stackoverflow.com/help/how-to-ask when asking other development teams for assistance, rather than asking "this doesn't work, why?"
  • Write/provide good documentation for the things you make