Originally from earlduque/ServiceNow-Developer-Training. Thanks Earl!

Glide Method usages #

GlideRecord #

  • Use when attempting to get information from specific records
  • Don't use for attempting to do calculations on groups of records, use GlideAggregate instead
  • Available on server scripts (usable in client scripts but do not do this, opt for GlideAjax instead)

GlideAggregate #

  • Use when doing calculations on groups of records
  • Available on server scripts

GlideAjax #

  • Use when you need information from the server after the client has finished loading the page
  • Available on client scripts

GlideElement #

  • Used to operate on fields of the currently selected GlideRecord
  • Available on server scripts

GlideSystem #

  • Use to get information from the system
  • Available on server scripts

GlideDateTime #

  • Use to perform date-time operations
  • Available on server scripts

GlideUser #

  • Use when getting session information about the current logged-in user
  • Available on client scripts