Originally from earlduque/ServiceNow-Developer-Training. Thanks Earl!

Service Portal Standards #

Aka Widgets, Pages, and the front-end.

Portals #

  • New portals should be vetted by the TAG or IET Service Management as they may be granting access or read access to items/records that are not intended for the public
  • Follow campus design standards (eg. common footer, color schemes, font-families, etc.)

Widgets #

  • Do not display restricted information unless the user is logged in and is supposed to be able to see such information.
  • Design widgets to be re-usable
  • Do not edit other application widgets without permission
  • Copy out-of-box widgets and edit the copy instead of editing the original.
  • Be aware of how many libraries you import as it can impact performance.

Pages #

  • If using role restrictions, evoke CAS for users not logged in first.