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This is a overview of the course Discover Reasons to Become Credentialed.

Why and Who

  • Why: SN Credentials Are In Demand
  • Who: Any ServiceNow Customer, Partner, Employee or if you are interested in ServiceNow

Types of Credentials

What types of credentials are there?


An accreditation is a certification granted after passing a short non-proctored set of exams that proves messaging or technical knowledge and skills utilizing ServiceNow Platform strategies, features, and products. It recognizes adherence to learning objectives and is how the learner demonstrates skill knowledge. Accreditations may require completion of a delta exam with each release.

Examples of these are:

  • Healthcare Services
  • Financial Service Ops
  • Legal Services Delivery
  • Telco Service Management
  • Workplace Service Delivery


A certification to prove your knowledge and skills on ServiceNow specialty products. The exams are non-proctored, narrowly focused on the specified topic, and cover a smaller scope than a Mainline Certification.

Examples of these are:

  • Flow Designer
  • Service Portal
  • Performance Analytics (has test)
  • Virtual Agent Implementer (has test)
  • Welcome to ServiceNow (has test)

Mainline Certification

A certification to prove your technical knowledge and skills utilizing the Now Platform. Exams are proctored, technical in nature, and cover major products of the ServiceNow platform. Passing periodic non-proctored delta maintenance exams is a requirement to maintain a Mainline certification.

Examples of these are:

  • Certified System Administrator(CSA)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist - Application Portfolio Management(CIS-APM)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist - Cloud Provisioning and Governance(CIS-CPG)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist - Customer Service Management(CIS-CSM)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist - Discovery(CIS-Disco)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist - Event Management(CIS-EM)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist - Field Service Management(CIS-FSM)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist - Hardware Asset Management(CIS-HAM)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist - Human Resources(CIS-HR)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist - IT Service Management(CIS-ITSM)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist - Project Portfolio Management(CIS-PPM)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist - Risk and Compliance(CIS-RC)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist - Service Mapping(CIS-SM)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist - Service Provider(CIS-SP)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist - Security Incident Response(CIS-SIR)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist - Software Asset Management(CIS-SAM)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist - Vulnerability Response(CIS-VR)
  • Certified Implementation Specialist - Vendor Risk Management(CIS-VRM)
  • Certitied Application Developer(CAD)
  • Certified Application Specialist - Performance Analytics(CAS-PA)

These all have a cost (CSA, CAD, CAS-PA = $300, CIS-* = $450) to take the training to acquire a "voucher" for the privledge of paying for a proctured exam. They also require a delta exam to maintain the certification. They encourage you to review the exam blueprint and exam topics. Practice with labs and simulators. Gain real-world experience. Study course materal and take practice tests. Article and Video on Best practices for prepping for mainline certifications

Expert Programs

Credentialing programs that recognize and document your experience, knowledge, and education. These programs extend your knowledge and skills and enhances your professional credibility.


NowLearning is a learning platform that provides access to all ServiceNow training offerings. It is a one-stop-shop for all your learning needs. NowLearning is available to all ServiceNow customers, partners, and employees.

Now learning provides these features;

  1. A customized learning journey based on recommended role or product-based individualized learning paths.
  2. Courses offered online, live, or virtual-led with hands-on simulators.
  3. Now Learning visual learning paths to guide you through the required training on your Credential journey.
  4. Your Now Profile to track learning activities, courses, and Certifications and share them publicly to accelerate your career.


WebAssessor is the online testing platform used to deliver ServiceNow certification exams. It is also used to deliver accreditation exams and delta exams. WebAssessor is available to all ServiceNow customers, partners, and employees

It's critical you link your WebAssessor account to your NowLearning account. This is how you get your certifications.

Credentialing policies

ServiceNow is proud of their credentials and they want to make sure you are too. Because of that they can revoke your credentials if you violate their policies. These policies are:

  • Candidatite Conduct
    • Non-Independent Test Taking - You must take the test yourself. You can't have someone else take it for you.
    • Limited items. No bags, purses, keys, wallets, hats, briefcases, backpacks, books, cell phones, calculators, portable electronic devices, watches, weapons or firearms.
  • Scheduling
    • This is your responsibility as the test taker. Failure to show up for your exam will result in a forfeit of your exam fee.
  • Mainline Exam Results
    • These are not shared with any credentialling candidate.
    • Calculating your result is based on total number of questions answered correctly.
    • Multi-select items must be answered entirely correct to be counted as correct.
    • Results are pass/fail. No score is given.
    • Failed exams will contain a section percentage breakdown of areas of weakness.
  • Micro Skill, Core Skill, Micro Credential Suites, and Accreditations
    • Results are sent or displayed immediately after the exam is completed.
  • Government Identification
    • You must present a primary valid government issued photo ID.
      • Id cards
      • Passports
      • Military ID
      • National ID
    • You must present a secondary valid government issued ID.
      • Student ID
      • Credit Card
      • Check Cashing Card
      • Bank Debit Card
      • Employee ID
      • Retail Membership Card
      • Health Insurance Card
      • Green Card
      • Birth Certificate
  • Online Proctored
    • Use a personal computer, not a work computer because you may need admin rights on the device. No Virtual Machines.
    • Connection with 1 Mbps up and down. Ping less than 200ms. Jitter less than 50ms.
    • External webcam. Cellphone cameras are not allowed. Camera should have a 6 foot or 2 meter cable.
    • Microphone.
  • Certification Expiration
    • Mainline certifications expire when either is met:
      • Failure to complete the delta exam within the Delta Exam Window.
      • Failure to pay the annual maintenance fee.
      • ServiceNow identifies the exam was outside the acceptable testing parameters and the exam was not taking independently.
    • Micro, Suite, Core Skills Micro Credential
      • These expire when additional requirements are added and not completed in the specified time frame.
    • Accreditation
      • These expire when additional requirements are added and not completed in the specified time frame.
      • These also expire for failing to complete the delta exam within the Accreditation Delta Exam Window.
  • Retake Policy
    • Mainline
      • Second attempt has a 3-day waiting period.
      • Third and Fourth attempts have a 14-day waiting period.
      • Additional attempts require a Now Learning case and require retaking the course.
    • Mainline Delta
      • Second attempt has a 24 hour waiting period.
      • Third and Fourth attempts has a 24 hour waiting period and you are expected to take the course again.
      • Additional attempts will expire your certificate and you need to reake the training and reenter the program.
    • Micro, Suite, Core Skills Micro Credential
      • Second attempt has a 24 hour waiting period.
      • Third and Fourth attempts has a 24 hour waiting period.
      • Additional attempts require a Now Learning case and require retaking the course.
  • Vouchers
    • Distribution
      • Voucher issuance and or voucher purchases are managed through the My Voucher tab in Now Learning.
      • Successfully complete the voucher issuing instructor-led class, and the voucher will be issued at no cost.
      • Successfully complete the voucher issuing on-demand or simulator course to *purchase a voucher. View your cost from the My Voucher tab in Now Learning. There is no *free voucher for on-demand or simulator training.
      • Voucher purchases must be completed and used within one year from the training completion date.
      • Vouchers that have expired can no longer be used. If training completion was less than 18 months ago, submit a case to the Certification Team from Now Learning and steps will be provided on how to purchase a new voucher at a discount. If training completion is more than 18 months ago, you must pay and complete the training again to obtain the voucher.
      • Voucher codes are not required or distributed for micro certifications.
    • Voucher Details
      • Vouchers are available after the successful completion of the required training.
      • Vouchers are required to register for the first Mainline Exam attempt. See our Retake Policy for more information.
      • Vouchers are *one-time use only and can not be used for additional exam attempts. Note: You may be issued multiple vouchers in Now Learning for course completion in a different delivery format or retaking the course more than once. In that case, you will only be able to use one voucher per Mainline Certification.
      • Vouchers are exam-specific.
      • Vouchers are non-transferrable.
      • Vouchers are valid for one year or as stated with the expiration date.
      • The voucher expiration date means the exam must be scheduled and completed on or before the voucher expiration date.

Credential Verification

You can verify a credential on the Creditional Verification page.

Credential holders must opt into the verification portal for results to appear. That is controlled via webassessor.