Class that contains business logic to maintain password reset enrollment


var PwdEnrollmentManager = Class.create();
PwdEnrollmentManager.prototype = {

  extensionScriptId: null,
  isDomainSepActive: null,
  initialize: function(extensionScriptSysId) {
      this.isDomainSepActive = GlidePluginManager.isRegistered('com.glide.domain.msp_extensions.installer');
      if (!gs.nil(extensionScriptSysId))
          this.extensionScriptId = extensionScriptSysId;

  	Initializes the extensionScriptGr record based on name and category
  	@param {String} scriptName - Name of the script
  	@param {String} category - Category of the script, for ex: 'password_reset.extension.enrollment_form_processor'
  initializeByScriptNameAndCategory: function(scriptName, category) {
      if (gs.nil(scriptName) || gs.nil(category))
          throw gs.getMessage('Script name or category is null');

      // Call the processor script and process it.
      var extensionScriptGr = new GlideRecord('sys_script_include');
      extensionScriptGr.addQuery('name', scriptName);
      extensionScriptGr.addQuery('script', 'CONTAINS', 'category: \'' + category + '\'');

      // Since there is no unique constraint on name on sys_script_include, we're jut going to take the first record
      if (
          this.extensionScriptId = extensionScriptGr.getValue('sys_id');

  extensionScriptFound: function() {
      return !gs.nil(this.extensionScriptId);

  	Processes the extension script based on script Id and context parameter map
  	@param {Object} contextParameterMap - map of key value pairs as json
  	@param {String} verificationId
  	@param {String} userId - sys_id of the user who is associated with this enrollment
  	@return a map with the attributes: 'result' and 'message' for example: {result: 'success', message : 'bla bla'}
  createNew: function(contextParameterMap, verificationId, userId) {

      if (gs.nil(verificationId) || gs.nil(userId))
          return {
              result: 'failure',
              message: 'Verification id or user id is null'

      if (gs.nil(contextParameterMap))
          contextParameterMap = {};

      // status 0 : in progress.
      var enrollmentId = this._updateEnrollmentRecord(userId, verificationId, '0');
      var extension = new SNC.PwdExtensionScript(this.extensionScriptId);
      var extensionParams = new SNC.PwdExtensionScriptParameter();
      extensionParams.userId = userId;
      extensionParams.enrollmentId = enrollmentId;
      extensionParams.verificationId = verificationId;

      //populate the form parameters:
      this._popluateFormContextParams(contextParameterMap, extensionParams);
      var response = extension.process(extensionParams);

      // If the response is not ok, 
      // then create a response message and continue.
      if (response.result == 'success')
          this._updateEnrollmentRecord(userId, verificationId, '1'); //Update the enrollment record to update the status "1" : active. 

      return response;

  setAssociatedUserId: function(userId) {
      if (gs.nil(userId))
          throw gs.getMessage('Cannot assign null user id');

      this.userId = userId;

  // Updates the record with userId and verification Id.
  _updateEnrollmentRecord: function(userId, verificationId, status) {
      if (gs.nil(userId) || gs.nil(verificationId))
      var sysId;
      if (this._doesEnrollmentRecordExist(userId, verificationId)) {
          sysId = new SNC.PwdEnrollmentManager().updateEnrollment(userId, verificationId, status);
      } else {
          sysId = new SNC.PwdEnrollmentManager().createEnrollment(userId, verificationId, status);

      new global.PwdEnrollSnapshotUtil().createOrUpdateEnrollmentSnapshot(verificationId, userId, status);
      return sysId;

  _popluateFormContextParams: function(obj, extensionParams) {
      var value;
      for (var key in obj) {
          value = obj[key];
          extensionParams.setFormParameter(key, value);

  // Returns true if an enrollment record already exists (separate 'update' from 'insert')
  _doesEnrollmentRecordExist: function(userId, verificationId) {
      var gr = new GlideRecord('pwd_enrollment');
      gr.addQuery('verification', verificationId);
      gr.addQuery('user', userId);
      return gr.hasNext();

  type: 'PwdEnrollmentManager'

Sys ID


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