API Name: global.AbstractUpdateUIActionUtil

var AbstractUpdateUIActionUtil = Class.create();
AbstractUpdateUIActionUtil.prototype = {
initialize: function() {

//Display the UI Action if the user has access and the system is not upgrading and the mutex is available
shouldDisplay: function(gr) {
return (this._userHasAccess(gr) &&
!GlidePluginManager.isUpgradeSystemBusy() &&

//Inform the user if the user has access but the system is upgrading or the mutex is occupied
shouldInformMissing: function(gr) {
return (this._userHasAccess(gr) &&
(GlidePluginManager.isUpgradeSystemBusy() || !SNC.UpdateMutex.isAvailable()));

//Determines if the user is in the global domain if domain delegated admin is being used
_isCurrentDomainSafe: function() {
if (gs.getProperty("glide.sys.domain.delegated_administration", "false") == "true")
return (gs.getUser().getDomainID() == null || gs.getUser().getDomainID() == "global");

return true;

_userHasAccess: function(gr) {
gs.warn("AbstractUpdateUIActionUtil._userHasAccess needs override");
return false;

/*This check has been added for OEM Build.
Only maint can install plugins on OEM instance

canAccessPlugin: function() {
return gs.getProperty("com.glide.offering", "") != "paas" || gs.hasRole("maint");

type: 'AbstractUpdateUIActionUtil'