API Name: global.CTIEvaluator

var CTIEvaluator = Class.create();

CTIEvaluator.prototype = {

initialize: function(expression, args) {
this.expression = expression;
this.map = new Packages.java.util.HashMap();
for (var prop in args) {
this.map.put(prop, args[prop]);

* Evaluates the expression passed to the CTIEvaluator constructor
* in the global scope, using temporary global variables in the supplied map.
* Returns whatever object is created by the expression which was evaluated.

evaluate: function() {

var ret = new GlideEvaluator().evaluateStringWithGlobals(this.expression, this.map);

// If we got a string back, it will be wrapped as a NativeJavaObject because GlideEvaluator
// is an ordinary Java class, not a Rhino ScriptableObject class like GlideRecord for example.
// So coerce the value to a normal string before returning it.

if (ret instanceof String)
ret = ret + '';

return ret;

expression: '',
map: null,

type: 'CTIEvaluator'