API Name: global.PwdIdentifyViaUsername

var PwdIdentifyViaUsername = Class.create();
PwdIdentifyViaUsername.prototype = {
category: 'password_reset.extension.identification_form_processor', // DO NOT REMOVE THIS LINE!

initialize: function() {

* Process the identification form request, and returns the user's sys_id. if user was not identified return null.
* @param params.processId The sys-id of the calling password-reset process (table: pwd_process)
* @param params.userInput The user input for verifying identity
* @param request The form request object. fields in the form can be accessed using: request.getParameter('<element-id>')
* Supported request paramters:
* sysparm_user_id - the user identifier value entered in the form.
* @return The sys-id of the user that corresponds to the requested input; if no user was found, null should be returned.

processForm: function(params, request) {
return this.identify(params.userInput, request.getParameter('sysparm_process_id'));

identify: function(userInput) {
var gr = new GlideRecord('sys_user');
gr.addQuery('user_name', userInput);
if (!gr.next()) {
return null;
return gr.sys_id;

type: 'PwdIdentifyViaUsername'