API Name: global.SLAConditionSimple

var SLAConditionSimple = Class.create();

SLAConditionSimple.prototype = Object.extendsObject(SLAConditionBase, {

// start if start_condition is true
// (without testing stop_condition)
attach: function() {
this.lu.logInfo('SLAConditionSimple.attach called');
return this._conditionMatches(this.sla.start_condition);

// reattach if reset_condition is true
// (without testing start_condition)
reattach: function() {
this.lu.logInfo('SLAConditionSimple.reattach called');
return this._conditionMatches(this.sla.reset_condition);

// cancel only if the attach (start_condition) is false *and* we're not paused
// or if the task is switched to a different CI from the existing active service-offering SLA
// (NB. tested after, and only if (complete() || reattach()) is false)
cancel: function() {
this.lu.logInfo('SLAConditionSimple.cancel called');
return ((!this.attach() && !this.pause()) || this._cancelServiceOffering());

type: 'SLAConditionSimple'