Property/Method Description

add #

Adds a given duration to the current duration |

getByFormat #

Gets the current duration in the given format DO NOT USE THIS AS IT DOESN'T WORK PROPERLY |
This function sets the GlideDateTime object with a number of epoc
milliseconds onthe total duration millisends and returns that. This
causes odd results;

var days = 3;
var hours = days * 24;
var minutes = hours * 60;
var seconds = minutes * 60;
var mSeconds = seconds * 1000; //259,200,000 milliseconds === 3 days
var durDelta = new GlideDuration(mSeconds); //Exactly 3 days worth of milliseconds
gs.print(durDelta.getByFormat('dd hh:mm'));//Prints "04 12:00" Expected Output would be "03 00:00"

getDayPart #

Gets the number of days |

getDisplayValue #

Gets the display value of the duration in number of days, hours, and minutes |

getDurationValue #

Gets the duration value in d HH:mm:ss format |

getRoundedDayPart #

Gets the rounded number of days. If the time part is more than 12 hours, the return value is rounded up. Otherwise, it is rounded down |

getValue #

Gets internal value of the this duration object. GlidDuration is stored as DateTime |

setDisplayValue #

Sets the display value |

setValue #

Sets the internal value of the GlideDuration object. Internally, GlidDuration is stored as DateTime |

subtract #