spModal provides an alternative way to show alerts, prompts, and confirmation dialogs. Additionally you can use spModal.open() to display a widget in a modal dialog. spModal is a lightweight wrapper for angular UI bootstrap's $uibModal. See here for more info: https://angular-ui.github.io/bootstrap/#/modal

Method Description
alert (message).then(fn) Alert a message. The promise contains a single argument that returns true/false.
confirm (message).then(fn) Display a confirmation message. The promise contains a boolean of the user's response.
prompt (message, defaultValue).then(fn) Prompt the user for input. Provide a message and an optional default value for the input field. The promise contains the user's response as a string.
open (object options).then(fn) Open a modal with a customized set of options. See the options table below.

Options object definition

Option type Default Description
title string empty goes in header - can be HTML
message string empty goes in the body - can be HTML
buttons array Cancel & OK buttons to show on the dialog
input bool false if true, shows an input field on the dialog
value string empty The value of the input field
widget string empty The Widget Id or sys_id to embed in the modal
widgetInput object null An object to send to the embedded widget as input
shared object null A client-side object to share data with the embedded widget client script
size string empty 'sm' or 'lg'