Here's some examples of using GlideEncrypter.

var encrypter = new GlideEncrypter();
// or GlideEncrypter('24 character string');

Encrypt & Decrypt

An important note, if you are setting a Password2 field, you must
encrypt the value first otherwise the value will be stored in clear text
and decrypting it may provide an incorrect value.

var encrypter = new GlideEncrypter();
var encrypted = encrypter.encrypt('Super Secret Phrase');'encrypted: ' + encrypted);
var decrypted = encrypter.decrypt(encrypted);'decrypted: ' + decrypted);
*** Script: encrypted: g/bXLJHa7xNRMKZEo5q/YtLMEdse36ED
*** Script: decrypted: Super Secret Phrase

Scoped Decrypt