Property/Method Description
getByFormat Gets the time in the given time format
getDisplayValue Gets the time in the user's display format and time zone
getDisplayValueInternal Gets the display value in the user's time zone and the internal format.
getHourLocalTime Returns hour part of local time 0-11
getHourOfDayLocalTime Returns hour-of-the-day part of local time 0-23
getHourOfDayUTC Returns the hour-of-the-day part of UTC time 0-23
getHourUTC Returns hour part of UTC time 0-11
getMinutesLocalTime Returns minutes part of local time
getMinutesUTC Returns minutes part of UTC time
getSeconds Returns seconds part of time
getValue Gets the time value stored in the database in the internal format, HH:mm:ss, and UTC
setDisplayValue Sets a time value using current user's display format and time zone
setValue Sets the time of the GlideTime object in the internal time zone ( or UTC
subtract Gets the duration difference between two GlideTime values