Use GlideListV2 and GlideListV3 to manipulate lists.

You access the GlideList methods by using the g_list global object.
These methods are used in UI context menus and UI actions. The g_list
object is not available for related lists on the form link UI action.

addFilter #

Adds a single term to the list query filter

var list = GlideList2.get(listID);

get #

Returns the GlideList2 object for the list or for the list that contains
the specified item. String listID or DOMElement element - specifies the
list by list ID or specifies the list by element

getChecked #

Returns a comma-separated list of the sys_ids for the items that are
checked in the list

var list = GlideList2.get(listId);
var checked = list.getChecked();

getFixedQuery #

Returns the sysparm_fixed query. A fixed query is the part of the query
that cannot be removed from the breadcrumb (i.e., it is fixed for the
user). It is specified by including a sysparm_fixed_query parameter
for the application module

var list = GlideList2.getByName("sprint_stories");
var filter = list.getFixedQuery() + list.getQuery();

getGroupBy #

Returns the field or comma-separated list of fields that are used to
group the list

getListName #

Returns the name of the list, which is usually the table name

var list = GlideList2.getByName('cmdb_ci_service_discovered.sa_m2m_service_entry_point.cmdb_ci_service');

getOrderBy #

Returns the first field that is used to order by or a blank

getParentTable #

Returns the name of the parent table for a related list (the table
associated with the form)

getQuery #

Returns the encoded query string for the list

getRelated #

Returns the related list field that associates the related list to the
parent form

function refreshImpactedServices(){
GlideList2.get(g_form.getTableName() + '.' + g_list.getRelated()).setFilterAndRefresh('');

getTableName #

Returns the table name for the list

var list = GlideList2.get(gel('sys_target').value);
var tableName = list.getTableName();

getTitle #

Returns the list title

getView #

Returns the view used to display the list

isUserList #

Returns true if the list has been personalized by the user by choosing
the list mechanic and changing the list layout

refresh #

Refreshes the list. The orderBy part of the list filter is ignored so
that the list uses its natural ordering when it is refreshed


refreshWithOrderBy #

Refreshes the list. The orderBy part of the list filter is included if
it is currently specified for the list


setFilter #

Sets the encoded query string for the list, ignoring the orderBy and
groupBy parts of the query string

setFilterAndRefresh #

Sets the encoded query string for the list, including the orderBy and
groupBy if specified, and then refreshes the list using the new filter

GlideList2.get(listID).setFilterAndRefresh(''); //refresh related list

setFirstRow #

Sets the first row that will be displayed in the list when the list is

setGroupBy #

Sets the groupBy criteria for the list, for a single field or multiple
fields. For a single field, use field or groupByField. The groupBy
prefix is optional. For multiple fields use field1^field2^field3 or

setOrderBy #

Sets the orderBy criteria for the list. For a single order by field use
orderBy field or orderByDescField. For multiple fields, use
orderByField1^orderByField2^orderByField3. orderBy specifies ascending
order and orderByDesc specifies descending. These prefix strings are
optional. If not specified orderBy is assumed

setRowsPerPage #

Sets the number of rows per page to display

showHideGroups #

Displays or hides all of the groups within the list and saves the
current collapsed/expanded state of the groups as a user preference

showHideList #

Displays or hides the list and saves the current collapsed/expanded
state of the list as a user preference

sort #

Sorts the list in ascending order and saves the choice

sortDescending #

Sorts the list in descending order and saves the choice

toggleList #

Toggles the display of the list and saves the current collapsed/expanded
state of the list as a user preference

toggleListNoPref #

Clears the image for an item

getByName #